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A selection of photos from previous expeditions


KISS Rebreather loaded for camping

Large Zepps converted to Lithium batteries - Range 12km

-12m Habitat (Photo M.Farr)




Jason Mallinson in the entrance pool (Photo M.Farr)



The approach to Sump2 dive base.

Sump2 (Photo D.Perez)

JohnVolanthen in Sump2 (Photo M.Farr)

J.Volanthen in Tipperary


Rene Hoben at the Cascade after Sump1

Photo: Peter Goossens

Diver installing habitat at -12m

Photo: Peter Goossens


Diver about to descend into Sump2

Photo: Peter Goossens

Rene Houben passing habitats on the way to Tipperary

Photo: Peter Goossens

Rene Houben (Photo M.Farr)

J.Mallinson @ -20m kit line.

Setting off for Tipperary

R.Stanton in Sump2

R.Stanton (Photo M.Farr)


The 'Lazy Boy' Mapper









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